Senior Design Engineer
Mr.Prashanth Kharche Chief Architect & Planner

Kharche & Associates

“Eternia” has been designed along its longest concave fascia of the building, such that it enjoys the best west facing wind tunnels of its geographical location. The rooms have been laid out in an environmentally friendly manner and cleverly designed to receive light from the right angles so that they avoid the sweltering heat and bright glares from the sun path.

A conscious effort was made to keep the long parts of the building to facing the north and south axes. From the north, the residents can enjoy a soft diffused light while the southern side invites ample direct light, which in turn is adequately shaded with trees and balconies.

The lift and staircase cores have been positioned such that active punctures are created along the western side of the facia. This in turn allows the wind patterns to be evenly distributed across the length of the building. The amenities Block houses the fully equipped modern gymnasium and a banquet Hall which overlooks the green of the OSR thus creating interesting vistas.

All the apartments have been meticulously curated to incorporate the tenets of Vastu, and the programming has managed to achieved functionality of all the core spaces such as living, dining and bedrooms.

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